Vivi Båvner, a Communication Expert

Dear Sirs at the European Evaluation Network for Rural Development

I would love to join your team of evaluation experts and will give you a brief introduction about me.

As a writer

I can write both longer reports with references and figures (link to Vivis scientific publications)
as well as catchy blogposts on my website.

As a communicator

I can engage thousands of people to work for the common good through my recycling project
as well as have one-to-one discussions about pros and cons about EU policies.

Challenges in communicating the evaluation of EU rural development policies

I think many people are very fond of project development and implementation. Less people have the energy to carry out the analysis and investigate what happened, why, and what can we learn from this in order to make a better project next time.

My years as a member of LEADER Local Action Group showed me that board members find it more exciting to contribute to the project planning than the project evaluation. The challenge is to keep up the inspiration and interest in learning from our previous work and mistakes.

Who is the target group?

The fundamental question you have to answer is to whom you are addressing the message and what your goal is. The information magazine I produced was aimed to the general public and intended to make people curious and more likely to engage themselves in EU funded rural development projects in their home areas. I focused on success stories and innovative projects and projects that invite new groups of people to join.

I'm good in communicating good examples that inspires people.
I’m good in communication that inspires people.
I produced this magazine for LEADER Bergslagen (photo link)

Experience of EU Rural Development Programme

Since 2010 I have been working in one way or another for LEADER.

Link to recommendation letter from the Leader Manager.

During 2010-2014 I was an active vice board member of Local Action Group (LAG) in Leader Bergslagen, Sweden.

I was the Project Manager for Omställning i Praktiken (Transition in Practice) 2013-2014. Link to web page here. Villages tested collaborative methods to lessen their negative impact on the environment. My job was PR and communication through newsletters, website, social media and news media, day to day management, research and reporting. Link to the broschure I produced (in English).

In order to spread the good practices of the Rural Development Programme I produced and wrote a magazine for a LEADER information campaign, reaching over 65 000 households. Link to the Leader Bergslagen magazine.

I was also the Project Manager for Mitt Sommarprojekt (My summer youth project) during 2011-2012. Link to youtube video about Mitt Sommarprojekt (in Swedish).

More samples of my communication skills

I’m proud that my project named was nominated to represent Sweden in the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) Awards in 2013.

Please read the information broschure about our second hand service Bjussa where everything is for free (in English). is a second hand service where everything you find is for free. is a second hand service where everything you find is for free.
(photo link to broschure)

Contact the Bjussa-team for references, Mr Christoffer Munkestam or Ms. Lovisa Lönegren.

The most succesful workshop I’ve created is Pimp my Trash. Young people around Sweden has been able to both learn the EU Directive on waste hierarchy and to try out practical re-make and recycling of scrap materials.

Greek scouts showing their creations at Pimp my Trash. foto: V.Båvner
Greek scouts showing their creations at Pimp my Trash during World Scout Jamboree 2011. foto: V.Båvner

Volunteering is essential for me

I’m a Scout since childhood and as a teenager I became a scout leader. Later on I continued with leadership courses and was granted a diploma from HM the King of Sweden for my accomplished course in Value Based Leadership.

20110428 Diplomutdelning Ungt Ledarskap, Kungliga Slottet, Stockholm, Sverige
Diplomutdelning Ungt Ledarskap, Kungliga Slottet, Stockholm, Sverige 2011

During 2014 I was the chairman of a local NGO in my Swedish village Karbenning, managing the community centre.

I was a vice board member in the Local Action Group, LEADER Bergslagen 2010-2014.

Master degree in Environmental Communication

I have a Masters degree from 2008 in Environmental Science, Communication and Decision making from Södertörn University College in Huddinge, Sweden. Link to certificate.

In 2007 I did an Erasmus semester in the University of Valencia studying Environmental science in Castellano and Valenciano. (Link to diploma)

Je parle beaucoup de langues

I’m multi-lingual. My parents are native Finnish and I was born and grew up in Sweden.

I love to learn new languages. That’s why I have studied English, French and Spanish.

Since a few weeks back I live in Waterloo with my family. We have been working voluntarily with eco-projects around Valencia in Spain since January 2015 and have decided to stay and live in Belgium. Link to blog post in English.

The ecobath constructed by Vivi and Nils at Rayo del sol in Alcublas, Spain 2015
The ecobath constructed by Vivi and Nils at Rayo del sol in Alcublas, Spain 2015

The link to my Curriculum as a PDF is here.

I’m really looking forward to meet you.

Yours sincerely, Vivi Båvner

+ 46 70 414 66 66

Viveco environmental consultant

What is Viveco?

Foto: Camilla Thieme

I am Vivi Båvner, an entrepreneur with a degree of Master in environmental science. Since 2009 I run my company Viveco and my aim is to spread environmental knowledge in central Sweden.

I help companies and organisations with their environmental management work. I am certified revisor of environmental diplomas in Sweden. You can hire me if you want to implement an environmental management system in order to become certified with ISO 14001.

Viveco offers environmental education by organizing workshops and giving classes

Pimp my Trash in Norberg 2011 photo: A.Liljemalm

My aim is to inspire people to work for an environmentally sustainable future. I provide companies the tools to reach their environmental goals.

I spread environmental knowledge through my workshop “Pimp my Trash” where reuse and recycling are taught in a creative way.

Educational background

I have a Master Degree in Environmental Science, Communication and Decision Making from Södertörn University in Huddinge, Sweden (2008).

Furthermore I have studied International Solid Waste Management at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (Spring 2009) and Environmental Science in Spain at Univeristy of Valencia (2007).

Photo from Tällberg foundation seminar august 2010.

Where can you find me?

I work as an environmental consultant all over Sweden, mostly in Västmanland and Stockholm. You find my office  in the heart of Bergslagen in Norberg, a small town historically well known from the mining era.

Contact me

Please contact me for a meeting.


Telephone +46 (0)70 414 66 66