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By Nils:

The last six months of volunteering in Spain and Belgium as a builder has given me a new confidence in my ability to create value, also when I charge an hourly rate and not only work for room and board (voluntary working).

We are now in the process of transforming Vivi’s personal company Viveco into a “limited” enterprise.

Nils Båvner ecobuilding
Nils Båvner ecobuilding

This will create a more flexible way of making business regardless of where in the EU we are located.

We have decided to full heartedly embrace the EU principle of free movement of people and services.

Join us as we see how far this road will take us. Please share your experience of migration and hopefully more people will try their wings in a new context

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Jag vill sprida kunskap och väcka tankar och engagemang i miljöfrågor. Därför driver jag företaget Viveco och arbetar som miljöutbildare och miljökonsult. Kontoret har jag i Norberg men jag är verksam över hela länet och landet.