Why encourage youth entrepeneurship?

Projektledarna träffas för att lära sig skriva, projektplan, handlingsplan budget och söka projektpengar.
During the EU funded “My Summer Project” (2010-2012) the young project leaders learned how to write applications, project plans, activity plans and budgets.


There were companies looking to hire you after graduation


Young people have to create the jobs themselves

I was one of them

As a writer

I can write both longer reports with references and figures

as well as catchy blogposts on my website

As a communicator

I can engage thousands of people to work for the common good through my project Bjussa.se

as well as have one-to-one discussions about pros and cons about EU policies.

I value

collaboration and cooperation


and the attempt to do your best.


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Jag vill sprida kunskap och väcka tankar och engagemang i miljöfrågor. Därför driver jag företaget Viveco och arbetar som miljöutbildare och miljökonsult. Kontoret har jag i Norberg men jag är verksam över hela länet och landet.